Rythm bot for discord — guide — features — commands


Types of Rhythm

English poetry makes use of five important rhythms. These rhythms are of different patterns of stressed (/) and unstressed (x) syllables. Each unit of these types is called Foot. Here are the five types of rhythm:

1. Iamb (x /)

This is the most commonly used rhythm. It consists of two syllables, the first of which is not stressed, while the second syllable is stressed. Such as:

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”(Sonnet 18, by William Shakespeare)

2. Trochee (/ x)

A trochee is a type of poetic foot commonly used in English poetry. It has two syllables, the first of which is strongly stressed, while the second syllable is unstressed, as given below:

“Tell me not, in mournful numbers”(Psalm of Life, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

3. Spondee (/ /)

Spondee is a poetic foot that has two syllables, which are consecutively stressed. For example:

“White founts falling in the Courts of the sun”(Lepanto, by G. K. Chesterton)

4. Dactyl (/ x x)

Dactyl is made up of three syllables. The first syllable is stressed, and the remaining two syllables are not stressed, such as in the word “marvelous.” For example:

“This is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks,”(Evangeline, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

The words “primeval” and “murmuring” show dactyls in this line.

5. Anapest (x x /)

Anapests are total opposites of dactyls. They have three syllables; where the first two syllables are not stressed, and the last syllable is stressed. For example:

” ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,”(‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore)

Test Your Knowledge of Rhythm

1. Which of the following statements is the best rhythm definition, as it applies to literature?A. Rhythm refers to lines that alternate with one stressed syllable always followed by one unstressed syllable.B. Rhythm is the pattern of accented and unaccented syllables.C. Rhythm exists only in poetry and corresponds to the emotion of the poem.

Answer to Question #1 Show

Consider the following line from Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130”:

Which of the types of meter is present in this line?A. IambB. TrocheeC. Spondee

Answer to Question #2 Show

3. Consider the following quote from Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita:

Are the words “novelties and souvenirs” really examples of trochees, as Nabokov implies?A. Yes. The phrase, taken as a full line, represents trochaic meter: NOvel|TIES and |SOUven|IRS.B. No. Both words are examples of anapests.C. No. “Novelties” is an example of a dactyl, while “souvenirs” is an example of anapest.

Answer to Question #3 Show

Useful Rythm Bot Commands

Rythm bot has a bunch of fun and useful commands. Here are some commands that you should know if you want to use the Rythm bot in your Discord server:

How Do I Play a Song with Rythm?

There are 5 commands you can use to essentially play a song on Rythm. But before you play a song you have to be in a voice channel. Here are the commands you can use to play a song, and what exactly they do:

!Play: If you type “!play song’s name“, Rythm will play the top result for that song from YouTube. You can also type a specific URL to a song like “!play song’s URL“. This URL can be from any of the websites Rythm supports i.e. YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Mixer, and Twitch. (Alias: !p)

!Search: If you type “!search song’s name“, Rythm will show you the top 10 results for that song from YouTube. (Alias: !find)

!Playtop:  If you type the name of a song or the URL to a song after this command like “!playtop song’s name/URL”, Rythm will add the song to the top of the queue and the song will play after the currently playing song. (Aliases: !pt, !ptop)

!Playskip: If you type the name of a song or the URL to a song after this command like “!playskip song’s name/URL“, Rythm will skip the currently playing song and start playing the song you just added. (Aliases: !ps, !pskip, !playnow, !pn)

!SoundCloud: If you type “!Soundcloud song’s name“, Rythm will play the top result for that song from SoundCloud. (Alias: !sc)

How Do I Get The Lyrics of a Song with Rythm?

As I mentioned earlier, Rythm has a command that fetches the lyrics for either the currently playing song, or any song in general. If you use the “!Lyrics” command, when a song is playing, Rythm will fetch the lyrics for the currently playing song.

If you type “!Lyrics song’s name“, Rythm will fetch the lyrics for the specific song you mentioned. It’s quite intuitive in my opinion.

How Do I Skip a Song with Rythm?

If there are less than 3 people in a voice channel, you can simply use the “!skip“command to skip to the next song.

If there are 3 or more people in a voice channel the vote to skip will take effect. According to Rythm’s website, 75% of the voice channel’s population has to vote to skip for the song to skip. This means if there are 6 people in the voice channel, 75% of 6 is 4.5, rounding that down, we get 4. So, in this case, if 4/6 people vote to skip, then the Rythm bot will skip the song.

You can also use the “!skipto” command and type “!skipto position in queue“, to skip to a specific position in the queue.

Types of Meter

The definition of rhythm necessitates the presence of beats, or metrical units. There are five key metrical units in the English language, as described below:

  • Iamb—An iamb is comprised of one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable. There is a popular rhythm called iambic pentameter that Shakespeare often used, which is a line that consists of five iambs, otherwise known as ten syllables in a alternating pattern of unstressed and stressed beats. Examples of iambs: beGIN, aGAIN, aLIVE
  • Trochee—The opposite of an iamb, a trochee is one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed syllable. Examples of trochees: ALtar, BRIDESmaid, MARRiage
  • Spondee—A spondee is a pattern of two subsequent stressed syllables. Examples of spondees in English are usually compound words or two one-syllables words: HOW NOW, RAINSTORM, SUNSHINE
  • Dactyl—A dactyl is comprised of one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables. A poem written with many dactyls has a very musical quality to it, such as in a limerick (There ONCE was a MAN from NanTUCKet). Examples of dactyls: ANimal, TERRible, DIFFerent
  • Anapest—An anapest is the opposite of a dactyl in that it has two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable. Examples of anapests: souvenIR, a la CARTE, debonAIR. (Note that all of these examples have a clear French influence, in which anapests are much more common than in Germanic languages).

Команды управления ботом

Команд для бота создано немного. Однако маленькое количество команд не делает бота бесполезным — каждая выполняет важную функцию, помогающую пользователям комфортно прослушивать музыку. Список команд можно посмотреть, используя команду !help, перейдя по первой указанной ботом ссылке. Базовые, часто используемые команды (без учёта префикса):

  1. Play НазваниеТрека. Играет первую найденную по названию песню;
  2. Play СсылкаНаПесню. Играет указанный пользователем трек;
  3. Отключает бота от голосового канала (он может сделать это автоматически, при долгом отсутствии активности);
  4. Пропускает песню, играющую на данный момент, переключает на следующую;
  5. Переключает поиск на данную платформу;
  6. Убирает выбранную песню из списка проигрываемых далее песен;
  7. Ставит трек на паузу.

Ботом удобно пользоваться. Ритм — многофункционален, даже если не учитывать платные функции. Это делает его одним из самых лучших, востребованных ботов, среди остальных музыкальных. Установка, настройка, проигрывание, команды, несмотря на свою простоту, позволяют пользователю сделать многое, прилагая минимум усилий. Бот точно устроит администратора любого сервера. Также Ритм имеет свой собственный сервер, куда можно зайти познакомиться с пользователями, послушать музыку.

Как пользоваться

Чтобы зарядить музыкой Дискорд по полной, потребуется задать боту соответствующие команды. Это «!soundcloud» и «!». Далее, когда нужный контент найден, формируется плейлист, создается очередь воспроизведения. Ее настройка не отличается сложностью.

Работа с Rythm ботом подразумевает некоторый элемент творчества: формирование случайного или последовательного порядка проигрывания, исключение отдельных композиций, перемещение их по списку. Главное — пробовать, и все получится. И окажется, что настроить бота очень просто.

И можно создать какой угодно режим воспроизведения, хоть non-stop music 24 часа в сутки. Ритм бот будет автоматически проигрывать треки по заданной программе, не отступая от нее ни на шаг.

FAQs about the Rythm Bot

Can Rythm Bot play from Spotify?

Nope, that would be illegal! Although, you could convert your Spotify playlist to YouTube using a free website like playlistbuddy.com.

Currently, the Rythm bot supports these platforms:

  • YouTube
  •  SoundCloud
  •  Twitch
  •  Vimeo
  •  Mixer

How to adjust the volume for everyone on my server for Rythm?

Although this feature is only available for donators, you can adjust the volume for yourself locally by right-clicking on the Rythm bot, while it’s in a voice channel.

If you do donate you can change the volume for everyone on your server with the command “!volume “.

Can Rythm play 24/7?

Although Rythm does not support this feature, there are a few other really good Discord music bots that support it.

I hope this article helped you learn how to use the Rythm bot. Now you can jam to music with your friends on your Discord server. If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

Examples of Rhythm in Literature

Example #1

(Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney)

Seamus Heaney paid much attention to the rhythm of the original Old English when creating his translation of Beowulf. This rhythm example comes from the very opening of the poem, and already it establishes a very sing-song like pattern. All three lines open with an anapest (“So the SPEAR,” “And the KINGS,” and “We have HEARD”). The lines generally have two unstressed syllables between stressed syllables, creating a waltz-like rhythm.

Example #2

(“Sonnet 18” by William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare wrote many sonnets, and generally used iambic pentameter in his lines. Arguably his most famous sonnet, “Sonnet 18,” indeed follows this rhythm. As explained above, iambic pentameter has ten syllables per line, starting with an unstressed syllable and alternating every other syllable with stress. This means that the lines end on a stressed syllable. This rhythm thus also makes the rhyme scheme more obvious, as Shakespeare’s sonnets followed an ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme pattern. For example, in this excerpt Shakespeare rhymes “day” with “May” and “temperate” with “date,” and in the couplet he rhymes “see” and “thee.” The rhythm helps exaggerate the rhyme.

Example #3

(“Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost)

This is an example of iambic tetrameter, which means that there are four iambs per line. The rhythm in this poem can be equated to the sound of the man travelling by horse through the woods. Indeed, Frost is even more faithful to his chosen rhythm than the previous Shakespeare example; the rigidity of Frost’s rhythm is reminiscent of footsteps and creates a somewhat soporific effect on the reader.

Example #4

(“Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allen Poe)

The rhythm in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee” has a singing quality to it, like in Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf. Poe creates this by alternating between anapests and iambs. Every line starts with an anapest (“In a KING…,” “By the NAME,” and “Than to LOVE,” for example) and continues with either another anapest or an iamb. Rather than the up-down rhythm of iambic pentameter, the rhythm in this poem creates a more melodic quality.

Example #5

(“Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden)

This is an interesting example of rhythm in that the rhythm varies greatly from line to line. The first line is a very straightforward example of trochaic pentameter. After that line, however, there are many shifts in rhythm. The shifts are even more interesting because the first line seems to set up a very standard rhythm. Yet then we see iambs and an example of a spondee, in “cracked hands,” and even sets of three stressed syllables in a row, such as “blueblack cold” and “banked fires blaze” (this more uncommon type of meter is called molossus). The end of this excerpt then returns to a trochaic meter with “No one ever thanked him.” The trochaic lines seem plodding in their straightforward meter and indeed refer to the father’s relentless work, whereas the spondee and molossus examples correspond to the intensity of his work and indeed the most vivid imagery. Hayden uses rhythm brilliantly to suggest the different aspects of the father’s work.


Именно команды Rhythm в Дискорде помогают им управлять — нужно сохранить в закладки небольшой список значений! Пользоваться легко и просто — впишите нужную команду, отправьте в чат и ждите реакции.

А вот и список, который необходимо знать:

  • !music_play — воспроизведение музыки;
  • !music pause — приостановка воспроизведения;
  • !skip — пропуск трека;
  • !playskip — текущая песня будет передвинута в начало очереди;
  • !volume — изменение громкости играющего трека;
  • !clear — очистка очереди;
  • !voteskip — проголосовать за пропуск композиции;
  • !shuffle — перемешивание мелодий в плэйлисте;
  • !removedupes — удаление дубликатов из списка композиций;
  • !loop — зацикливание играющей песни;
  • !move — перемещение определенной песни в начало списка проигрыша;
  • !replay — сброс прогресса текущей композиции;
  • !disconnect — отключения бота от голосовых каналов;
  • !queue — просмотр очереди треков;
  • !remove — удаление определенных записей из очереди;
  • !join — призыв бота на голосовой канал;
  • !leave_voice — удаление роботаиз голосовых чатов;
  • !voice — настройка автоматического воспроизведения;
  • !request — для добавления новых композиций на сервер;
  • !settings — доступ к расширенным настройкам;
  • ! — информация о работе помощника;
  • !ping — проверка стабильности интернет-подключения.


Радио бот 24 7 для Discord — универсальный проигрыватель, способный запускать песни или радиостанции по первому запросу пользователя. При этом музыка будет звучать на канале в режиме нон-стоп, если в этом имеется необходимость.

Функции бесплатной версии:

  • воспроизведение любых радиостанций, в том числе потоковых;
  • просмотр видео в Ютуб  на Дискорд в прямом эфире;
  • прослушивание любой песни;
  • запуск Ютуб в прямом эфире.

В премиальной версии помощника 24/7 для Дискорд доступны дополнительные опции:

  • работа в режиме 24/7 для видео и музыки;
  • высокое качество звука;
  • импорт плейлистов Ютуб;
  • регулировка громкости на сервере;
  • повторение одной песни 24/7;
  • импорт / экспорт очереди ботов;
  • импортирование списков воспроизведения и альбомов.

Большинству пользователей хватает бесплатной версии, можно доплатить и получить полный вариант 24/7 для Дискорд. Его стоимость 2,47 доллара в месяц или 7,24 в месяц за Премиум+. В последнем случае доступны сообщения доноров в боте.

Why use Rythm?

It has many features packed into it to ensure the end-user has the best experience possible while using Rythm. Rythm can play songs on your voice channel. On top of playing songs, it can also play playlists which then get added to a queue system. Moreover, Rythm can also search for a song via your query and return the top 10 results.

When Rythm is playing a song, you can get the lyrics for the music. You can also use the lyrics bot command followed by a song name to manually search for lyrics of a song. Now you can sing along or host some karaoke event with friends even if you don’t remember the lyrics!

While listening to Rythm Bot, you can control the player with useful commands such as !seek, !replay…

The built-in queue feature allows you to add songs to the queue and manage it. Now go build a music queue and enjoy the tunes!

Some Rythm commands require the user to have Discord guild permissions. The required permission is displayed at each command.

Now finally, let’s see the list of Rythm Commands.

Как пользоваться

Для пользования ботом 24/7 в Дискорд предусмотрен набор команд. С их помощью можно включить помощника и управлять его функционалом. Основные команды (во всех случаях используется префикс mb перед командой:

  • play — позволяет присоединиться к каналу и начать воспроизведение по умолчанию;
  • help — список доступных команд;
  • play [ссылка радио / mp3stream ссылка / youtube-ссылка / youtube-поиск] — позволяет подключаться к каналу с последующим воспроизведением радиостанции, Ютуб или песни;
  •  np — отображает информацию, что в данный момент работает Discord-бот;
  •  leave — позволяет боту для Дискорд уйти с канала;
  •  streamlinks — отображает перечень ссылок на радиостанции, которые можно использовать;
  •  info — подробные сведения о помощнике и количестве голосовых каналов;
  •  invite — предоставление ссылки для приглашения Discord-бота
  •  vote — дает ссылку для голосования;
  •  iheart — поиск радиостанций (до шести) с учетом запроса пользователя;
  •  eastereggs — отключение или включение всех eastereggs сервера, к примеру, @someone или google it.
  •  clear — очищает текстовое поле от сообщений (необходимо разрешение на выполнение такого действия);
  •  premiumhelp — отображение всех команд премиум-класса, которые доступны пользователям;
  •  donators — отображает сообщения от участников, подключенных к Премиум+;
  • google it — ответ ссылкой Гугл с сообщением в качестве запроса (должен быть включен с применением eastereggs).

Examples of Rhythm in Literature

Example #1: Romeo Juliet (By William Shakespeare)

There are ten syllables in iamb pentameter, where the second syllable is accented or stressed. In the above lines the stressed syllables are expressed in bold.

Example #2: Paradise Lost (By John Milton)

Milton has used spondee in this entire epic poem. The spondaic meter is explicitly visible in the words “wide was.” However, the remaining line is iambic pentameter.

Example #3: Macbeth (By William Shakespeare)

These two lines are taken from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The chorus of the witches’ spell shows a perfect example of trochees. Stressed pattern is shown in capitals.

Example #4: Song (By Sir John Suckling)

Sir John has written this poem in trochaic meter. Here, the stressed or accented syllables of trochaic pattern are shown in bold-face type. This poem gives a strong rhythmical effect.

Example #5: Tyger (By William Blake)

Trochees are perfectly used in this poem by William Blake. Here, the first syllables of the words “tyger,” “burning,” and “forests” are stressed; however the second syllables are unstressed.

Example #6: The Charge of the Light Brigade (By Alfred Lord Tennyson)

This single line is an example of dactylic pattern, as one stressed syllable is followed by two unstressed syllables, the stressed syllables noted in bold above.

Example #7: Will There Really Be a Morning? (By Emily Dickinson)

In this poem, the speaker is feeling dejected, wondering if there could be hope and morning again. The poet has used trochees, giving a strong rhythm to the poem.  Notice in this first stanza, the accented syllables are emphasized. See that word “I” is unaccented or unstressed with different feet as underlined.

Example #8: My Papa’s Waltz (By Theodore Roethke)

The rhyme scheme of this poem is ABAB, which means the first and the third lines rhyme, as do the second and the fourth lines. Roethke has used three iambs, or three beats per line, giving the poem regular rhythmic flow.

Example #9: By the North Sea (By A. C. Swinburne)

This poet has used anapests (two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable) in this example. It adds to the rhythm, yet it carries a subdued effect.

Example #10: The Courage That My Mother Had (By Edna St. Vincent Millay)

These lines follow a pattern of four iambs in each line. This rhythm is catchy because the poet first sets the rhythm, and then breaks it in the last few syllables. It makes the reading smooth and melodious.

Short Examples of Rhythm in Sentences

  1. Doit as you planned, I’d choose to stay at home.
  2. Whois the woman on the phone? You’ll have to call her again.
  3. Tellthem why you don’t agree, Do remem
  4. I will find the keys for you, and you must finda place to park the car.
  5. Whose goods are these, I don’t know. If I take, my life is at stake, I know though.
  6. Givehim a burger with an egg.
  7. She’d rather go to school.
  8. Bill acts brilliantly, hence he wants to stay at Holly
  9. With us they will see they do not need
  10. Never stop doing best till you reach the top if you want to find hope.
  11. A mouse is hiding in their house.
  12. The goat is eating in the boat.
  13. She made a star on her car.
  14. This rat is fat.
  15. Nina liked the ball in a mall.
  16. How do you pray looking at the tray?

Что это — описание

Rhythm Discord — это бот, обеспечивающий передачу музыки. Бот представляет собой автоматический помощник, работающий по заданным командам. Вы можете получить доступ к потоковому воспроизведению композиций из разных источников — в их числе е YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch. Это огромная библиотека треков!

Следует выделить несколько особенностей:

  • Поиск текста играющего трека;
  • Функция автоматического воспроизведения, составление плейлистов и очередности;
  • Возможность смены серверного префикса.

О командах Rhythm в Discord мы поговорим позже — пока нам нужно добавить бота на сервер. Иначе начать использование не получится!

Главные функции и возможности

Бот Rythm имеет немало полезных функций, связанных с музыкой. Разобраться среди небольшого количества команд сможет любой — даже самый неопытный — человек, достаточно прочитать об использовании бота. Бот Ритм умеет:

  1. Играть песни, указанные пользователем. Работа заключается в наборе человеком команды, интересующего названия (уточнить запрос, набрать исключительно название), бот найдёт песню за пользователя;
  2. Искать песни. Пользователю достаточно набрать одно название — бот подберёт наиболее подходящие варианты, укажет длительность трека, достаточно выбрать — какой хочется прослушать;
  3. Искать песни по ссылкам. Пользователь может скопировать ссылку на YouTube ролик, вставить её, бот проиграет песню, если ссылка указана корректно;
  4. Составлять плейлисты, списки ожидания;
  5. Показывать список ожидания следующих песен, составленных плейлистов;
  6. Показывать текст проигрываемой в голосовом чате песни.

Бот работает с треками, ссылками, не только с YouTube. Поэтому, если указанной песни нет на видео платформе (редкий случай), бот найдёт трек на другой платформе, при желании, указании команды на действие, пользователем.

Доступно большее количество функций, если задонатить (поддержать разработчика) на Патреоне. Тарифных планов — 3: на 5, 10, 15 долларов в месяц. Донаты дают пользователю новые функции:

  1. Автоматическое проигрывание треков;
  2. Увеличение длительности проигрываемых песен (более 3 часов);
  3. Возможность использования закрытого бета-теста бота, пробовать новые функции в числе первых пользователей (доступно при донате в 15 долларов);
  4. Получения донатерской роли на сервере бота;
  5. Увеличение, уменьшение звука (отличается от стандартных функций Дискорда).

Если пользователям недостаточно бесплатного функционала, платный точно удовлетворит потребности каждого. Бот предоставляет лучшие функции любому пользователю, готовому оказать поддержку не только в финансовом плане, но и в простой установке, так как функций достаточно много даже тем, кто не донатил боту.

What Makes Rythm Bot the Best Music Bot?

Many people including myself, believe that the Rythm bot is the best music bot for Discord, and rightly so, the Rythm bot is packed with a bunch of fun and useful features. Let’s cover a few of Rythm bot’s features and their benefits:

2. Search songs on YouTube:

If the song you are looking for isn’t the top result, you can use the search command instead. When you use the search command, Rythm will show you the top 10 results from YouTube.

3. Play songs from URLs:

The Rythm bot provides you the option to play from any of its supported music streaming services (YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer) directly with URLs.

4. Support for Playlists:

When a user plays the link of a YouTube playlist, Rythm will queue all the songs from the playlist. And if a video URL links to a playlist, Rythm will queue the playlist from that link too.

5. Support for Lyrics:

The Rythm bot allows you to look up the lyrics of either the currently playing song or any other song. This is definitely one of the best features Rythm has to offer.

6. Extreme Customizability:

The Rythm bot provides a large range of customizable settings. An admin/mod can use these settings to customize how the bot behaves. Things like changing the prefix command or blacklisting specific text channels. There are many more customizable settings, you can access them all with the command “!settings”.

Rythm Bot Settings Commands

Rythm bot settings commands can be used if you have the administrator or manage server-level permissions.

Just type ‘’ and a complete list of all settings that can be changed will appear. Now for more information type ‘‘ and command usage will appear.

You can also directly refer to all the settings commands from the list below.

Command Description Example Aliases
Use the command format  to view more info about an option.
  • List of options:
    •  – Changes Rythm’s prefix.
    •  – Allows the bot to announce every new song playing.
    •  – Prevents users from adding songs to the queue that are already in the queue.
    • – Allows you to blacklist channels you don’t want Rythm to respond in.
    •  – Limits how many songs the queue can store.
    •  – Limits how many songs the user can queue at one time.
    •  – Sets the server to run in DJ only mode.
    •  – Changes which role is considered DJ. Roles named  will still work.
    •  – Allows only DJs to queue playlists.
    •  – Resets all Rythm settings.
  • Premium Only:
    •  – Sets the default volume that the bot will always start at.
    •  – Sets Rythm to stay in your voice channel 24/7.
    • – It toggles auto-playing songs from playlist when nothing else playing.

What is The Rythm Bot?

The Rythm bot is a Music streaming Bot for Discord, made to play music directly onto your server. The Rythm bot provides a lag-free music listening experience, and it supports many different music streaming services, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. According to their website, the Rythm bot is currently active in around 8 million Discord servers!

From what I could find, this bot was made by ImBursting#0051. As to, “why he made the bot?” well, according to him, “I started Rythm bot a while ago, the reason being that I myself wanted to use a music bot, and the solutions that were present at the time didn’t work too well, so I started my own. I tried a few, which have obviously advanced since, but I believe Rythm was paving the path to what music bots are today.”

Significance of Rhythm in Literature

Rhythm is so important to human nature that it has been theorized that there is a link between rhythm and the human heartbeat, rhythm and evolution, and rhythm and emotion. While none of these theories is certain, rhythm is certainly found in all human cultures around the world and there is clear evidence of rhythm in early human existence. The majority of both music and oral poetry maintain a beat. For early oral literature, the presence of rhythm was a necessary aspect for the memorization of the lines and passing these poems on. Rhythm, therefore, was very significant in early literature. Much poetry now is written without strict rhythm, yet many lines can be analyzed due to their rhythms regardless of whether the poet used that rhythm throughout the entire poem.